The End of an Expansion

Mythic Archimonde is down, securing Apotheosis a realm first kill and US rank 435 to finish out the expansion!  This was a great accomplishment, made possible by the hard work and dedication of the entire raid team!  Thank you everyone!M Archi

See you in Legion!

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Stack, spread, move away, stack, soak, spread, stack.  These are the all too familiar dance moves needed to execute Mythic Mannoroth.  Coming in at under 200 attempts, Apotheosis finally brought this demon down and opened the way to start work on Archimonde!

M Manny

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After a nice holiday break, Apotheosis got back into boss killing mode and took down the trash bag known as Xhul’horac!  With this kill, we have now cleared the upper half and move on to Mannoroth and Archimonde!  Great work everyone!

M Trashbag

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It’s all about the edict!  Apotheosis is now 10/13!

M Velhari

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This fight isn’t fun on heroic, and even worse on mythic.  Great work Apoth!

M Zakuun


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2 New Kills in 1 Week!

The title says it all!  Iskar and Socrethar both down in the same raid week!  Our Socrethar kill was made even more impressive by the fact we started the night with only 18 raiders!

M Iskar M Socrethar


Apotheosis is now 8/13 and ranked in the top 400 US!  We’re always recruiting, and are currently looking for a few dps to round out our roster.  Please take a look at our guild policies and application process at the top of the page.

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Gorefiend: Devourer of Guilds

… but not Apotheosis!  This was definitely one of the hardest bosses thus far in HFC and took a lot of effort from everyone in order to bring him down.   The level of communication and planning required for this kill was incredible but once the pieces came together, it was rinse and repeat!  Fantastic work everyone, and we look forward to some significantly easier bosses ahead of us!


M Gorefiend

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Deadeye Meets His Fate

Apotheosis gladly handed Kilrogg the death he saw coming!  Some fantastic DPS from the death realm teams, a few fancy maneuvers from tanks to avoid globules, a boat load of healing, and 2 half-nights of work was all it took.

M Kilrogg

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Hellfire High Council!

With only 3 nights of work, Apotheosis brought the high council to its knees!  Positioning was key on this fight, and it was a new strat on our 4th night that pushed us over the edge for the kill.  Congrats!


M Council

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Mythic Kormrok

And the Apotheosis pain train keeps on rolling!  After working out the explosive runes, we bring down a server first kill of Kormrok, our third mythic boss.

M KormrokWith two new kills in one week’s time, Apotheosis has retaken its place as the #1 guild on Eldre’Thalas!  Congratulations!


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