Emmakyn is a person who likes to play WoW.  She is not interesting or clever enough to write a bio.

Jacii has raided since ye olde 40 man days of WoW as a healing priest, shaman, and paladin, but went retribution starting in Hellfire Citadel and hasn’t looked back. As melee officer of Apotheosis, he’s the one to assign interrupts and if you don’t switch to the add so help you there will be ANGST in the melee chat.  Jacii’s hobbies include other video games like Diablo, Overwatch, Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, and Tomb Raider series, 3D printing, raspberry pi emulating and programming, Magic the Gathering, and guilting his wife into raiding alongside of him.

Kohn, holy paladin for life, is the healing lead for Apotheosis.  He enjoys healing, talking about healer mechanics, healing, complaining about healer mechanics, healing, playing a healer in every game he can find, and healing.  Turn offs are damage absorption mechanics and dead raiders.  When he isn’t healing, Kohn can be found either off the edge of the platform, or asking for a battle rez.

Smmoke, raid lead, is a hunter and has been since ye olde days of TBC.  While watching timers and making calls, he does his best to avoid tanking the floor.  As a hunter, Smmoke is already a bit green, so do your best to avoid making him angry.  Smmoke tries (and typically fails) to find time to play video games outside of WoW, but enjoys many different genres.

The other officer is:

Uthilon – GM and tank lead

He didn’t submit bios, so use your imagination.

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